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With 15 red dot design awards Grohe stands for leading design in range of faucets. Over this Grohe means quality, sustainability and innovation. Why not have the best of tomorrow already today?

The international company offers a wide selection. Wether bathroom or kitchen faucets, wether sustainable or visionary, wether easy or classy: Grohe is after your taste. To realize this, Grohe works global and is always one step ahead. And no matter for what product you decide, they all have one similarity: they are made for individual demands and even are less expensive.

Experience pure pleasure in water with one of the top producer of bathroom faucets, sprinkler, shower systems, shower and much more products for your bathroom.


The main product focus of GROHE lies in fittings and includes both washstand fittings, as well as bath fittings and shower fittings. Here the assortment ranges from individual overhead showers to complete shower systems. In addition, products for the toilet and bidet, bidet fittings, cover plates and accessories are part of the assortment.

Since 2017 GROHE also offers ceramics such as toilets and washbasins and is thus on the way to a full bath provider.

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Founded in 1911 (originally under another name) the company was taken over from Friedrich Grohe in 1936. Grohe was already successful with bathroom faucets in this time. The rename into Friedrich Grohe Armaturenfabrik followed in 1948. Grohe founded a subsidiary in France and expanded abroad to live the title “made in German” even there. Since January 2014 Grohe is part of the Japanese Lixil-group and has its head office in Düsseldorf.


The GROHE surface coatings


GROHE StarLight®: GROHE has developed the StarLight surface that will permanently maintain the quality of the fittings so that the GROHE fittings still shine and convince with their looks even after years. In addition to the long-lasting aesthetics, the coating also makes the surface resistant to dirt and scratches.

Pureguard: The PureGuard surface was specially developed for the Euro ceramic and the cube ceramic and gives it a durable surface. Long-lasting ions with an antibacterial effect prevent bacterial growth and keep the ceramic clean and germ-free. Deposits and limescale also hardly adhere to the smooth surface and are easy to remove.


GROHE BlueCore

BLUECORE ™ BY GROHE: Represents the essential components of GROHE faucets, thermostats and water technology systems which are located inside, and marked in blue.


GROHE CoolTouch

GROHE CoolTouch®: The innovative cooling channel inside the thermostats and shower heads creates a barrier between the hot water and the outside surface. This prevents burning your finger on the surface because the thermostat never gets hotter than the water.


GROHE DreamSpray

GROHE DreamSpray®: The filigree processing and technology of the GROHE showers ensures an even distribution of water to all nozzles and thus an incomparable showering experience - no matter which type of spray you choose.

GROHE EcoButton

GROHE Eco Button: The EcoButton on the handle reduces water consumption by up to 50%. By pressing the button, the Rain spray changes to the water-saving SmartRain spray.


GROHE EcoJoy®: The GROHE EcoJoy products are particularly water and energy saving and thus conserve resources. Nevertheless, the products offer a perfect showering experience and the user does not have to do without comfort.

GROHE FeatherControl

GROHE FeatherControl: The fittings, which are equipped with the FeatherControl cartridge, are very smooth rolling. The joystick cartridge has a larger operating angle for water flow and temperature and is therefore more precise to control. This is made possible by a modern coating process for ceramic discs and the use of innovative seals.


GROHE Digital

GROHE Digital®: With the GROHE Digital products, the shower control becomes more intuitive and certain shower settings such as the amount of water and the water temperature and programs can even be preset and recalled.



GROHE Light: Because GROHE uses its own foundries and does not use prefabricated brass ingredients, the company always has 100% control over the contents of the alloys.



GROHE Zero: The GROHE fittings have an water supply, that is lying inside, so that no lead is released to the water. The drinking water quality is thus maintained at all times.


GROHE SilkMove

GROHE SilkMove®: Thanks to the SilkMove cartridges, the GROHE fittings are particularly easy to operate. Inside, there are two ceramic discs made of a space-tested ceramic alloy, which glide absolutely precisely one above the other. In addition, a Teflon® lubricant ensures smooth operation. GROHE uses a solid brass connecting element to connect the lever to the discs in a durable way.


GROHE SpeedClean

GROHE Speed Clean: Limescale deposits on the head and hand showers can be scrubbed simply with a finger or a cloth thanks to the multi-component silicone nozzles.


GROHE SprayDimmer

GROHE SprayDimmer: Thanks to the GROHE DreamSpray® technology, the water is distributed evenly over the nozzles of the showers and ensures a harmonious spray pattern. At the same time, thanks to the SprayDimmer, water consumption is reduced by up to 40% without restricting showering comfort.


GROHE TurboStat

GROHE TurboStat®: The desired temperature is reached within fractions of a second and remains constant during the entire showering process.


GROHE Whisper

GROHE Whisper®: Some GROHE cisterns use this technology. The cistern is largely decoupled from the mounting wall, which prevents transmission of sound to the building structure. The flushing process is almost silent and the toilet can be placed everywhere.


GROHE QuickFix

GROHE QuickFix: Because the mounting elements get along with less parts, the installation is easier and up to 40% faster, with QuickFix Plus even up to 50% faster.

GROHE Triple Vortex

Triple Vortex: The Triple Vortex System creates a powerful water vortex that spreads over the entire ceramic surface and thoroughly cleans the toilet. For this purpose, three water inflows are used. Nevertheless, the rinse still requires only a small amount of water: the large rinse 5 l of water, the small one 3 l.


GROHE One Click Showering

GROHE One Click Showering: With just one click, you have direct access to your favorite shower program.

GROHE Safe Stop

GROHE Safe Stop: The safety function only allows temperatures of up to 38 ° C. Especially for children in the home, the function protects them from overheating and scalding. If hotter water is to be set, the SafeStop button must be pressed. The temperature for the SafeStop can be preset individually.


GROHE Safe Stop Plus

GROHE Safe Stop Plus: SafeStop Plus offers even more security. As with the SafeStop function, hot water above 38 ° C can only be tapped when the SafeStop button is pressed. In addition, SafeStop Plus ensures that the water never exceeds 50 ° C.


GROHE Smart Control

GROHE Smart Control: SmartControl offers the innovative shower control: on / off by pressing a button and water volume control by turning. The temperature is controlled by a separate rotary handle.