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“Quality is based on the fact that it is the costumer who returns – not the product“, that´s the slogan of Hansgrohe and that´s the way, the company works. For decades Hansgrohe has been built up their reputation due to their quality, responsibility for the environment, job safety and their products. They support environment projects for instance and have a recycling rate of 90 %.

Hansgrohe is famous for following brands:

Hansgrohe: Fittings and sprinklers are mostly part of the brand Hansgrohe.

Axor: Axor is famous for its individual and extraordinary design. Take a look at our Axor-website.

Pharo: Pharo is a real relaxing paradise and is highly recommended for their whirlpools and showers.

Pontos: Pontos is a special system created by Hansgrohe. Due to Pontos it is possible to recycle used water.


Hansgrohe is the specialist for high-quality products and they offer a huge variety of products, such as fittings, bathtubs, sinks, shower trays:

  • Bathroom accessoires
    Hansgrohe bathroom accessoires
  • Taps and faucets
    Hansgrohe taps and faucets
  • Kitchen faucets
    Hansgrohe kitchen faucets
  • Showers
    Hansgrohe showers


Hans Grohe, who was originally a drapery, founded the company in 1901 and since then devoted himself exclusively to the sanitary industry. What started out as a three-man business developed into a global company in the 20th century.

Always focused on progress, Hansgrohe accompanied and supported the development of the private bathroom, and even as an 82-year-old man he developed the shower rod, which allows the shower to be mounted at different heights.

Hans Grohe's sons and now his grandchildren continue the company to this day. With its headquarters in Schiltach in the Black Forest and other locations worldwide, Hansgrohe employs approximately 3.800 people and supplies its products to 134 countries. 80 % of the production takes place in Germany, the rest in France, China and in the USA.

As one of the leading manufacturers in the bathroom sector, Hansgrohe stands for excellent quality and attractive design. More than 400 international awards, including the German design award and, most recently, the architects darling award in the "Sanitary Objects and Accessories" section, speak for a clear language and show where the journey goes: continue towards the future.

However, the company has also committed itself to the development of new technologies and further developments aimed at improving bathing comfort and environmental compatibility. For example, Hansgrohe brought innovations like "Select", which means that shower heads and fittings can be operated at one push of a button, "EcoSmart" for up to 60 % less water, "AirPower" for admixing air to water and much more.


The company is also committed to the development of new technologies and further developments to improve bath comfort and environmental compatibility. For example, Hansgrohe launched the following innovations and technologies:


Hansgrohe Select

Select: With the Select function, you can operate your showers and fittings at the touch of a button. Switch between hand and overhead shower, change the spray mode or stop the water. Since 2009, Hansgrohe has been developing more and more Select products to simplify the operation of the valves. The longevity of this function has been tested in sophisticated tests.

Hansgrohe CoolStart

CoolStart: In the CoolStart technology, the center position of the handle is set to automatically flow cold water. It is not, as with regular taps, immediately added hot water. So if you just want to tap cold water, you save energy. If you want warm water, move the lever to the left. An example for this is the single-lever mixer Metris.

Hansgrohe EcoSmart

EcoSmart: The faucets and showers, which are equipped with EcoSmart technology, consume up to 60% less water. This is done by means of a flow restriction, special jet nozzles and the addition of air. The hand shower Crometta 85 green consumes so for example only 6 l / min. Even pressure differences in the water pipe easily compensates for this system. The precision O-ring regulates the amount of water depending on the pressure.

Hansgrohe AirPower

AirPower: AirPower technology adds air to the water. This has two beneficial effects: you save water and showering becomes even more pleasant under the velvety soft water and increases your well-being. An example of such a shower is the Raindance Select S hand shower.

Hansgrohe ComfortZone

ComfortZone: Hansgrohe offers faucets in different sizes for different requirements. If you want to wash your hair more often in the washbasin, for example, or if you need more space in the kitchen for filling containers, we recommend a higher mixer. Hansgrohe offers the right choice for every need. 

Hansgrohe XXLPerformance

XXLPerformance: Hansgrohe offers showerheads in XXL format like the Axor Starck ShowerHeaven. These have a diameter of up to 60 cm. Let yourself be enveloped by the soothing rain and relax before or after a stressful day at work. In combination with the EcoSmart technology also your bank account stays relaxed.

Hansgrohe QuickClean

QuickClean: Thanks to the QuickClean technology, your showers will last longer. Rub limescale simply from the elastic silicone nubs of the jet nozzles and the aerator. Your shower jet remains constantly beautiful and the water flows evenly.