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Business customers can purchase at attractive conditions and enjoy special advantages here at xTWO.
You are tradesman, craftsman, general developer or have other business related inquiries that demand an application for a xTWO business account? Just contact or register at:



We love to support your business – including project based requests.



Export with us

Do you have a business and you are interested in our products? Are you interested to export our products outside of the European Union (EU)? we will be able to help you with your business.

We have experience in shipping large quantity of products in pallets worldwide by air or by sea freight. You have the option of choosing your delivery destination from the air or seaport. Alternatively, we can arrange for your pallet to be sent to your door step.

Why us? You do not have to worry about confusing German export documents, tax refunds and arranging for pick up.

What you can expect:

  • We take care of German export documents*
  • Prices on your invoice are without Tax. You do not pay EU Tax
  • Shipping to your selected destination


Export yourself

Do you have a preferred freight forwarder who you have been working with for a long time? We understand that long lasting partnership with your business partners is very important. That is why we have the option for our B2B customers exporting out of European Union (EU) to use their own preferred forwarder.

How does the process go?

  • When purchasing, you can select ‘Self-Pick Up’
  • We pack all your items
  • We take care of German export documents*
  • Prices on your invoice are without Tax. You do not pay EU Tax
  • Contact your forwarder when your order is ready to be shipped

*Are you in need of additional documents? For example, Certificate of Origin or EUR 1 Certificate? We can help you with that as well.

Countries we serve


Moving foward

How can you move forward after reading this information?

  • Create a B2B account
  • Place all your products in the cart
  • Select your option ‘Shipping with us’ or ‘Self-Pick Up’
  • Make a comment/request
  • Place your order

Do you still need help? Write to us at . Remember to give your name, address and telephone number. We hope to start a partnership with you.


Please note:

Extra cost applies to all documents required for ‘Export with us’ or ‘Export yourself’. The price for shipping calculated ‘Export with us’ does not reflect the actual cost. Our customer service representative will contact you regards to the price difference needed to be paid for shipping or extra document before we ship your items. The goes for ‘Export yourself’, our customer will contact you for handling and extra document fee before we ship your items.

xTWOstore is not liable for any damage and refund when customer choose ‘Self-Pick Up’. Customers must work with their forwarder to claim any lose.