Delivery time

Prior to Purchase
All items viewed at xTWOstore or put into your shopping basket, a symbol will be displayed to inform you whether these are in stock and can be shipped immediately or if the delivery might last longer e.g. in the case of special items. Indeed, we may have to order these for you or even have to let them manufactured for you (customized items). Please remember that for such special items or items difficult to obtain, we will only process your order after reception of your payment. and placed in your shopping basket will indicate with symbols whether these items are available for immediate shipment or special items with longer lead times due to e.g. being special order or customized items. Please remember, for special order items or items difficult to procure we will only start our buying process upon receipt of payment.

Always up-to-date

After placing your order, you will automatically be informed of your order status via e-mail in line with our shipping and payment processing.

Delivery time

1.) In EU
Our delivery time stated ranges from 
•    On Stock
•    Approx 1-2 weeks 
•    Approx 2-3 weeks
•    Approx 4-6 weeks
•    On demand

This timing is an average provided by the manufacturers. Delay of shipping may occur when there is a manufacturer hold up. 

We work hard to get your purchase to you as soon as possible.  In most cases, delays occur due to busy seasons, holidays, production delays, unforeseen custom order complications, or other factors not in our control. We will make all efforts to quote accurate lead times. Under no circumstances will xTWOstore be responsible for any cost or lose in delay of delivery.

Please note that the delivery charges you pay only contain one delivery to curbside. If you order multiple items, the order will not be shipped separately. All your items will be sent together

2.) Outside EU
The above delivery is specific to European countries.  Countries outside of EU have longer delivery time. Customers overseas has to consider

•    Approx 3-5 Business days EU export policy clearance
•    Approx 10-30 Days Shipping (Air freight or by sea freight)