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Privacy notice

1. Traffic data

Each time a user accesses a website of our offer and each time a file is retrieved, access data is saved in a log file via this process. Each data set consists of:
the page which the file was requested from,
the name of the file,
the date and time of the request,
the amount of transferred data,
the status of access (file transferred, file not found etc.),
a description of the type of the applied operating system and the web browser.
The saved data is exclusively evaluated for statistical purposes; it is neither forwarded to third parties for commercial nor for non-commercial purposes.
In order to render the visiting of our website and the purchasing procedure more comfortable, we transmit so called cookies to your computer. Cookies are small text files by means of which your computer can be identified. They do not interfere with the operating system of your computer. You can block the use of cookies. In that case it may be possible that individual functions of our offer cannot be used. Please refer to the instructions of your browser software to learn how to block the use of cookies.

2. Inventory data

As far as it is possible to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses etc.) within the internet offer, the user discloses this data on an explicitly voluntary basis. Here your data is also treated confidentially and not forwarded to any third party. The data entered is used exclusively for implementing the contract. Any other use will only take place with explicit previous approval.
The users of the website may apply to gain free insight into the information on their personal data saved. In accordance with the legal provisions they are also entitled to correction, blocking and deleting of this personal data.
Your questions and suggestions on the topic of data privacy are very welcome and important to us. You can reach us via the following address:

Gießener Straße 42
35410 Hungen
Tel.: +49 (0)6402 89 89 00
Fax: +49 (0)6402 89 89 0 99
email: info@xtwostore.com