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Why are branded bathrooms so expensive? It is because of quality, design and style. With us you can now save on branded products. Periodically, we will be promoting on certain brands so that you can find the best value. Surf through our website to find the best deals. We offer many top branded manufactures so that you can save money and yet enjoy a beautiful bathroom. It is a win win for you.

Grohe Rainshower Smartcontrol

Special offers

Grohe discount 5%

In autumn it is often very uncomfortable outside: gray weather with a lot of rain – nobody feels comfortable then. But our rain only brings you good things: 5 percent on selected products of Grohe. How about a new shower for example? So, you will soon be able to enjoy your new Euphoria shower system and be spoiled – then rain and the cold weather outside are quickly forgotten.


Duravit 20%-Aktion

After 200 years in bathroom business, Duravit has now established itself in taps and faucets. Duravit´s model B.1, B.2 and C.1 appear simple, elegant and focused. This is true especially for the model C.1. It presents itself with descreet curvature and and classic elegance.

Duravit celebrates its anniversary – enjoy the party and receive 20% off on every Duravit tap and faucet.