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When it comes to designing or renovating the perfect bathroom, there’s one element which underpins the entire design; the tiling. Getting it right is very important, as tiles form the background of the room, and therefore affect the appearance of every other fitting you choose. Installing the ideal bathtub with a sleek new design and shiny chrome taps, without checking that it looks right against the backdrop of, for example, a black and white checked pattern, is a common mistake that can be hard and expensive to rectify.
Remember that laying an entire tiling set is far easier to do before installing other bathroom fittings, and it gets a lot harder afterwards; think of it as the bathroom’s foundation, especially in the case of bathroom floor tiles. A little forward planning can save you a lot of bother in the tiling department, and might also save you money if you shop around for a discount.

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Bringing designer finishing touches to your tiles

When planning that perfect bathroom flooring look or wall pattern, it can be tricky to balance the cost. Remember that redecoration is an investment, and you can’t go back and start again easily once tiling has begun. There is affordable designer tiling out there that can really make the most of your bathroom, if you look around. Tiling is essential to an overall design, providing the backdrop and main colour scheme of the room. The colours on your tiling should either serve to contrast or complement the colours of your fittings and units.
Some of the best bathroom floor tiles manufacturers are Villeroy & Boch, whose ranges include both budget options and more extravagant designs. The Villeroy & Boch Adlon range is noted for bold colours in glazed stoneware, with a matt finish that many prefer for bathroom flooring. Villeroy & Boch also produce some beautiful and classic mosaic patterns in the Creative System New range, both in cool blues and warm reds, plus a few avant-garde combinations. Those looking for something unusual could try the Stripe and Wave line, also by Villeroy & Boch, which features embossed patterns.
Alternatively, Jasba have some bold designs like Lavita, featuring lively Italian patterns and homely terracotta tones. Jasba also produce embossed LOOP sets, which pop with subtle 3D shapes and have a non-slip feature. Those looking for a contemporary touch might try the Steuler Organic Sense, which gives the impression of natural curves, or the Steuler Ocean’s Five set, which turns seaside charm into a modern style. Consider Agrob Buchtal’s Construct range for a classic slate appearance that is clean and detailed. Agrob Buchtal also make glazed, marbled wall tiling in the Aramis range, which is ideal for minimalist designs. Whatever you choose, keep your original plan in mind, and your budget will stay under control.